TWITTER NAME?  @rountreeartWHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? To connect people to everything hot in contemporary art. 
RED OR BLUE? Red - of course.  It always pops for me. 
TWITTER NAME?  @tatiananoboaWHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? I use twitter as a vehicle for integrative marketing communications, and promotions campaigns.
RED OR BLUE? I love to wear red. I love gazing at blue.
TWITTER NAME?  @_musem_WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? To commune with a network.
TWITTER NAME?  @LaBeautifulMess
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? For the love of music, arts & Africa.
RED OR BLUE? Bleue, in French.

TWITTER NAME?  @kkallisto
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? For music. For politics.
RED OR BLUE? Blue, ‘cause that’s what you’re wearing today.
TWITTER NAME?  @bowersmusik
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? I use it to keep followers/fans in the loop regarding updates on my career.

TWITTER NAME?  @PrimaDonna_Jam
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? I use it to keep in contact and up to date on the latest news and gossip.

TWITTER NAME?  @Mister_Shakes
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? Twitter is the best way to stay informed with news, trends, associates. It also allows me to advertise and market to persons that once may have been unreachable. and after the “Twitter Revolution” in the Arab world I’d be delusional not to utilize its power.
RED OR BLUE? I see trees of green, red roses too. Sky’s of blue and clouds of white. And i think to myself, What a wonderful world.

TWITTER NAME?  @benwmsonbass
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? It’s a really fast and easy way to connect with people. Makes it easy to keep up with my peeps and for my peeps to see what I’m doing.

TWITTER NAME?  @chegrand
WHY DO YOU USE TWITTER? I use it to cause mayhem, sometimes i tell people ‘bout music i like including my own.
RED OR BLUE? Red pill.